segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

Death Cycle (parts I, II & III)

Death Cycle (parts I, II & III) - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita

Lived once
Allow me to finally be alone
Failed once

Drag me to the river’s steam
Pull me into the hiss
Face upon a reckless mirror

And I’m gone

Whisper silence
Living ended up being bitter
The taste of wholeness
Face upon this
And calm I’m getting home

Under the bridge
Where travelers meet
You and I shared a glimpse of nothing
The content of our passions
And you just turned away                                   

And now you make a smile
And ask for me to throw
Away the sordid hope
And you said that love won’t do for me
Cause love
Is the ability of God                                                                                  
Living is better but death solves all

Resurrection / Your tongue on me
Attraction / Cradle of thirst
Heat / Come back to me
All right

I’m coming back to life
I come for bliss
I come for what you left
And I’m not poor

You reach what is out of hand
I reach your heart
Follow my lead now
My life is full of regrets

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