segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

The suffering

The suffering - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita
* com a participação especial de João Salcedas no saxofone 

When it came, the suffering,
We went play with kites and knifes and plums immature
If you saw us drifting…  

Souls are resenting the lack of moss,
lack straws,
Combine the loss
We’ve been so gross
Feeding love
We can’t bear it

Our dreams crack the surface of time
When it came,
the desire,
We played with the hunger of hearts

When you took us to the woods
To sparkle fast so it won’t root
The lack of moss and the lack of straws
Bruised our backs and kept us alert
The kites are high, the knifes are kin
You wouldn’t see it from here
You see it’s cold cold cold down here
But suffering has made it clear
You saw it coming

The plums are rotting outside
As we watch the nights go by
Father left us untied
Mother didn’t even asked why
The plums are out in the dew
As you see we haven’t got you
And suffering got us trough

We’re sorry to hear you got lost somewhere in time
But try now to rely on suffering

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