domingo, 6 de maio de 2012


Scarcity - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita 

versão rudimentar 

 Scarlet faces and dusty brows
Gather under rusty stars and crimson stones
To stray and overcome mistakes they made
And vanquish every now and then a little pain

“I am thy father / I make you smother
For the sake of my lovers / cliffs and shudder
They are reposing in hands that offer
By staring at nothing / You gaze at my chasm”

Can you seize me? / (Love has gone astray but)
Wouldn’t you miss me? / (Faith has ripen in me)
Scars that that fail to hurt / (A leap unto your bosom)
Toes that burn in speed

As it goes we recollect the freezing hour
And faces gather in infidelity

Your chasm brings me a little pain
But I make it burst into purple brains
Wire me in scarcity

I make you be
In scarcity
Shudder in me
Toes burn in speed
Ripen me

“In spite of the freezing hour
I’m the one who is
Despite the gleam on faces
They go astray
If you fall into my chasm
You might turn to be… me”

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