terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012


Sanctuary by The Daughters of Lot

Sactuary - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita

versão rudimentar

Miracle, nausea
Verdict emblazons our raving
Our ability to say no
Vanity, sanctity
The unexpected sanctuary
Is healing the will for granted truth

We will peel you
To know just where you feel

Vanity, sanctity
The unexpected sanctuary
I am you you are me
Would we make it destiny

Forcing the wires
You wound on our hearts
Cracking the spires
All shallow from now
Exulting desires
God wants us so nasty
See who he hires
For a great poignancy
Father transpires
As wine takes off his mind and we…

Guess what – we’re here
Guess what – undressed
Guess what – available
To you
Guess what – we’re beautiful
Guess what – we’re trustful
Guess what – And mean
And maybe this is no sanctuary



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