domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

The fault

The fault by The Daughters of Lot

The fault - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita
versão rudimentar

Life is good
And maybe we know that we should
In what You do
But instead we´re after the fault
We can do better
And maybe we would if we were
But that’s just where
We know You are after our will and love

Look what You’ve done
To the midnight sun
You’re the voice of doom
And we – the gloom

So as to the moon
The scars hurt soon
For us the evil son
Makes better hum

Though you’re on your beehive
We can’t hear you
We can’t feel you
You won’t prick
And though you’re on our potter’s wheel
We can’t free you
We can’t stitch you
You won’t stick

We’re partying low
So come
If you’re sinking
And stifling
And choking
Why wonder you dance
We’re tying you up
And down
If you’re hanging
And strangling
And blushing
No wonder you’d stay

No hope in fooling you
But just maybe, we do
There’s a fault in you
We renew
Given our fainting truth
We stood cool
Here’s a thing we knew
About you

Can you inspire
The fault we admire
Can you pretend it’s ok
To choose
The furious bind
The chemical lie
Life is good
If we choose to

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