segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

Father's lament

Father's lament - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita

versão rudimentar
Guilt is striking me
Ceremony had its din
Regret me
Dry and taste me
Forget and toll me
Love’s a string

Cut me into little slices
I’m your staggering puppet’s vices
Miasma’s scope is on the rising
My salty tears are women’s flavored
I am here and you’re long forgotten
Little children – Come what may

I’m a father / Shouldn’t stumble
I’ve been higher / I’m so tired
I’m a liar / Such a thief
Been so hallowed / Been so cruel
Been so loving / To my own flesh

When flesh is like a stone
Make my heart a bone
And let it bloom
Inspiring you
To the greasy moment
That’s being arranged
I’m following
Guilt is striking us
But pleasure’s deep
So hide it in me
Build our love around
A disastrous urge

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