quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010


Narcisus - música: Miguel Fernandes; João Moita / letra: João Moita

versão rudimentar

Everything we touch shines
(And) that’s what causes us to blind
By touching the mirrors / we made the sun

Everything we touch blinds
That’s what causes us to shine

(Our)task is so weary
(It) requires a lot of lies
Even though we’re weary
Lies light a candle light

There’s a lullaby
That can make your eyes cry
Instead we belt our lies
Our chant will never die

By the taste of the arrow
You can tell the lungs
That spat it out

Our misfortunes are taking place
We can never make mistakes
Hands are seeking where to rend
Longing for the dimming sight
We’re in love with our own selves
But our love is unrequited

Mirror, mirror who are we?
Why our souls are blackening thee?
Mirror, mirror reflect our souls
as coals


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