quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

Sisters' Dialogue

Sisters' Dialogue - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita
versão rudimentar

Right in time little sister
God’s will cannot wait
Offer up your derision
Blood’s seething / I’m conceiving
Life’s intense when you brew your sorrow
Take a rest now it’s my turn

And now you rest your case
oh oh
And now I force me in
Our plan is succeeding
Don’t be afraid
God’s beholding our actions
Look for the time you waste

Little sister eyes stop seeing
Ears’ bumping from the inside
I’m start feeling ravenous

I am divided
Bursting from within
I’m being praised and stimulated
I’m start feeling so magical
I am dying
In the hands of God
I’m conceiving and seceding
Blasphemy is raising soon

This situation is getting oh so fragile
Every time we move apart from your desires
Hands start losing touch / Heart becomes so helpless
Restitute integrity by letting us defect


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Anónimo disse...

Eu era para te pedir a letra desta musica, mas como está aqui já não é necessário! Continuem o óptimo trabalho.