domingo, 1 de novembro de 2009


Metamorphosis - música: Miguel Fernandes / letra: João Moita

versão rudimentar

Won’t bore or waste your time
For the moment we’re just fine
Our frailty hides behind your eyes
all that’s good and for your own sake

Act like if we aren’t here
We are smoothly disappearing
Now we want to let it go
Amused with our transparency

All that we do / all that we fake
We are daring our mistakes
All that we create / all that it destroys
Our fate is so undone

Watch us glow / as we go
Watch us glow / as we go

We’re machines outside the dreams
We’re vanishing / Watch us as we glow
(We’re) no human beings / we disbelieve
We’re fading / watch us as we glow
See us deserting
Forsaking / and that’s what makes us glow

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