quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

The thirsty daghters of Lot

The Thirsty Daughters of Lot - música: Miguel Fernandes; J. Moita / letra: J. Moita

versão rudimentar

Overcoming now / the endless sadness
Fear's dimming / cause we're together
We're relying on / your advices and
we're transcending / our resentment on
what has ceased to be / on the path we're on
We’re divining

And if you want us to stay with you
Just close your eyes and let us do
Always bending always haunting
Heart's so full of death resemblance

Sorry if we're letting it go
Medicine's so quick and low
Overcoming we're overcoming
Disposable kids with extreme manners

Overwhelming now / your dispositions
And your advices / we’re neglecting
It’s our transgressions / we rely on
What turns us on is / what makes us wither and
We are smothering / what we care the most and
We’re still divining

Somewhat we are as vicious
As the thirsty daughters of Lot
In our veins blood is infected by
The poison that causes us to forget


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